Children bicycle with three wheels or tricycle „SPARITE” is made in Latvia, a member state of EU.Raw materials and components are 100% made and purchased from manufacturers in EU countries. The first bicycle was manufactured in 1974. The design and technical performance have been historically maintained and perfectioned throughout years.

Traditionally much handwork is involved in the manufacturing process thus every single bicycle is being made under supervision of several experts.

This bicycle provides stability and feeling safe especially on uneven surfaces, because it does not create sharp toppling and overturn risks unlike two wheel bicycles with additional wheels.

A child quickly learns to ride a bicycle, because this bicycle has a chain mechanism instead of traditional front wheel drive.

This is a value that has been approved by generations.

The raw materials used in manufacturing are as much as possible environment friendly. The planking of shining details is done by the electrochemical galvanization method. It resembles nickel yet is environment friendly and not allergenic.

Special design and decoration, as well as additional accessories are available according to customers’ desires.

Color variations:

Frame colors:       Red       Orange       Green       Blue         Pink         White 
Wheels colors:    Black     Red    White            

Technical details:

 A   Handlebar height
 From 61 - 71,5 cm 
 B  Seat hight
 From 39,5 - 53,5 cm
 C  Distance from seat
 to pedal
 From 31,5 - 44 см
   Weight (1 pc.)  6,8 kg

 Transport packing*:


 Carton packaging
 external size 
 60 x 80 x 50 cm 
 Total weight of
 one packaging
  29,1 kg
 Packaging weight    1,9 kg

* In the packaging 4 pc. bicycles - tricycles "Sparite"


 The quality Certificates .pdf

 User Guide .pdf




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