"VELO MACHINE" Ltd. began the producing of balance bike "Mini Sparite"- our balance bike is qualitative and stable. "Mini Sparite" develops the leg muscles as well as different skills like a skill to keep balance and to coordinate the activities.
The starting materials and parts are 100% produced by the producers from the EU countries or purchased from them. As starting materials are selected as far as possible safe and environmentally friendly materials. The coating of shiny parts is performed by electrochemical plating. It is similar to nickel, but it is not an allergen and it is environmentally friendly.
Many works have been traditionally done manually in the manufacture, and therefore each balance bike was prepared under the supervision of many specialists.
Small children initially hold the handlebar, and just do steps, holding "Mini Sparite" between the legs. When the child begins to feel secure, it sits down on the saddle, and then the child does it intuitive. The learning process makes the children fun and brings joy.
"Mini Sparite" can also be used as a scooter, and there is especially a footrest on the frame.
There is also a handlebar limiter, which promotes safety and stability.

The balance bike can be used both outdoors and indoors.
The balance bike is suitable for children from 2 years.
"Mini Sparite" is a good way to exercise in the fresh air!
Color variations:
Frame colors:    Red    Blue    Green
Wheels color:    Black    Red    

Technical specifications:

 Adjustable handlebar:  From 52 to 58 cm
 Adjustable saddle  height  From 33 to 44 cm
 Handlebar width  36 cm
 Weight (1 pc.)  4,3 kg
 Wheel size 11 inch (27 cm)
 Balance bike length 93 cm





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